Anxiety in any form is a highly treatable condition.

Sufferers need not be embarrassed and should seek treatment as soon as possible as there is every chance they can easily return to normal.

People are generally anxious for a number of reasons rather than just one.

These include:

Stressful Life Events
Exams, overwork, housing issues, bereavement, relationship breakdowns etc. can all cause anxiety. Unfortunately, the list of stressful life events is a long one. See our page What is Stress? for more details.

Some people are natural worriers and find it hard to stand back from a situation. A tendency to see the world as a scary place naturally makes you anxious.

Past Events
A difficult childhood or a trauma deplete resilience and make people very vulnerable to anxiety, especially if there is a risk of a traumatic situation being repeated.

Eating too much sugar or taking in too much caffeine can make you anxious, as can taking illegal drugs and a lack of exercise.

Other Health Problems
People with chronic pain are very prone to anxiety about whether they can manage things or when the pain might reoccur.